Melee among South Korean philistines

The discord within the south Korean conservative traitors' party is getting daily aggravated with the nomination of candidates for the "national assemblymen" as an occasion.

United Future Party (UFP)
Launching ceremony of United Future Party (UFP) on February 17, Seoul. (Photo Yonhap News)

More than half of lawmakers from Taegue and North Kyongsang Province were ousted from the nomination of candidates of the "United Future Party (UFP)" for regional constituencies. And a number of the incumbent "national assemblymen" sitting for Pusan and South Kyongsang Province were also excluded.

Amid the large-scale replacement that sparks backlash, those, who failed to be nominated, announced their withdrawal from the UFP and vowed to run as independents at the election. And the "chairman of the nomination management committee" resigned of his own accord under the internal denunciation that he set up those close to him as candidates.

Such melee staged by philistines gives rise to only derision and disdain for them.

It is the invariable true color and disposition of the conservatives who make no concession or compromise over good "fodder" though they live in the same cage under the signboard of "merge".

The herd of conservatives, seized with creed for power, has never stopped the rough-and-tumble even a moment and still engaged themselves in political dispute and quarrel despite the severe crisis caused by the spread of horrible epidemic threatening the existence of mankind to all parts of south Korea.

This clearly shows once again that the group of conservatives is, indeed, a collective of riff-raffs seeking only riches and comfort with no heed to the safety of the people.

Whoever is nominated as candidates for the UFP must be either dregs or traitors to the nation.

What is serious is that those riff-raffs are making desperate efforts to gain control over the "National Assembly" in order to undermine candlelight demonstrators and bring back the dark era of the past.

Even imprisoned Park Geun Hye tempts the conservatives to stand together for return to power with anger over the impeachment against her, which teaches a serious lesson that no mercy should be shown on the group of conservatives.

Those going against public mindset should be thrown into the graveyard of history. -

(KCNA - March 20, 2020)

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