Juche idea leads to global independence

By Kim Kyong Chol
Rodong Sinmun

Chairman Kim Jong Il sent treatise "On the Juche Idea" to the national seminar on the Juche idea held to mark the 70th birthday of President Kim Il Sung.

Poster: Long Live Juche Idea
The treatise serves as an immortal and classic work which gives the guidelines of struggle for all the people aspiring after independence.

The Juche idea is the great revolutionary theory that reaches the acme in the history of human thought.

There are many ideas in the world, but the Juche idea is the most scientific and revolutionary one as it correctly reflects the aspiration and demand of the popular masses and vigorously arouses them to the struggle for realizing independence.

Since the publication of the work, the organized activities to study and disseminate the Juche idea have been widely conducted in many parts of the world.

Mankind finds a proper way for its advance in the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

The idea centered on the popular masses, the revolutionary theory of independence, is serving as the soul of the people aspiring after genuine freedom and happiness and the flag of the struggle in different parts of this planet.

The progressive people of the world are making positive efforts to strengthen the unity and cooperation based on independence. They are expressing full support and solidarity for the struggle against imperialism and dominationism and the efforts to achieve development of their own style.

All people are boundlessly praising the immortal feats performed by Kim Jong Il who gave them a textbook of independent life, the banner of struggle by developing and enriching the Juche idea and victoriously advanced the socialist cause and the human cause of independence.

Global independence is a strong aspiration and wish of our people and progressive mankind.

(KCNA - March 31, 2020)
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