Japan can never cover up its militarist ambition with any cunning trick


The Japan air "Self-Defense Force" conducted a drill of deploying "patriot" interceptor missile system in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture on March 5 and opened it to the press.

The Japanese reactionaries galvanize public opinion with the allegation that the drill is "a part of drills going on in different parts of Japan to cope with contingencies including north Korea's launch of ballistic missiles".

Their ever-mounting military hysteria is a reckless move to realize their long-cherished militarist ambition at any cost.

It is none other than Japan and other hostile forces which are chiefly to blame for such dangerous moves as bringing dark clouds of instability to Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

In January, Tokyo Shimbun said that in the wake of the Abe cabinet's decision approving the "exercise of the right to collective self-defense", the "Self-Defense Forces" have been reduced to an "army" capable of fighting abroad together with the U.S. after having military hardware like long-range cruise missiles and a de facto aircraft carrier beyond the "minimum requirements" allowed by the Constitution and, as a result, the risk of Japan's involvement in U.S.-related conflicts surely increased.

Nevertheless, the Japanese authorities go so shameless as to fault others, turning their face from their moves for a military giant and overseas dispatch of the SDF which bring danger to peace and security in the region and the rest of the world.

Japan has persistently branded the DPRK's self-defensive act as "threat to peace and security of Japan and the region" and as a serious task facing the whole of the international community", which is no more than a crafty trick to divert elsewhere the accusations and vigilance of the international community against it.

Referring to the fact that Japan always finds fault with the DPRK to justify its every military move, a Chinese expert said that in many cases, Japan's allegation is nothing but a trick for make-believe and an excuse for a military giant.

With any trick, the Japanese reactionaries can never cover up their militarist ambition to emerge as the old colonial suzerain state again through invasion and war.

The international community will never allow the revival of the war criminal state, which destroyed global peace and security and inflicted huge catastrophe on mankind in the last century, as a blood-thirsty "leader of Asia".

The Japanese reactionaries had better keep in mind the Japanese experts' warning that if they fail to drop their militarist ambition, Japan will remain an eternal defeated nation.

(KCNA - March 18, 2020)

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