Japan's excuse for overseas dispatch


Japan MSDF destroyer Takanami
SDF destroyer Takanami
Days ago, a warship under the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force (SDF)" began information gathering in the Middle East.

Despite great concern and argument at home and abroad, the Japanese authorities had pushed forward with the plan of dispatch of Maritime SDF to the Middle East from last year, which came to be materialized in all with the warship's beginning of military action on the spot.

Today Japanese armed forces' overseas advance is not something new.

As Japan has pressed ahead with the plan for a military giant and dispatch of its armed forces since its defeat in World War II, dodging the eyes of the international community and gnawing domestic legal barriers away, the plan takes its shape as legal and justifiable.

Japan expands military overseas dispatch after making such pretexts as "defense of allies", "UN peace-keeping activities", "activities for international solidarity, peace and security" and "joint drills" and securing legal grounds for them.

Last year, the SDF provided escort to U.S. warships and aircrafts on over ten occasions according to "security legislation" and conducted joint drills with the U.S. troops for more than 400 days from April 2018 to March 2019, which is a mere instance showing the island country's military frenzy.

However, Japan's wild ambition knows no bounds.

In case of the maritime SDF warship's advance to the Middle East and start of information gathering, there exist sensitive points in question like misinterpretation of law and procedural flaw of no parliamentary approval, as it is the first long-term dispatch which finds its legal justification on "investigation and research", the main article of the law on establishment of the Defense Ministry.

What merits seriousness is that the abuse of ambiguous justification comes to be a precedent for enabling Japan to dispatch its troops anywhere and anytime under the pretext of "investigation and research".

Through the dispatch of the warship in the face of fierce opposition and continuous protest at home, the Japanese reactionaries seek to secure another remedy for undisguised overseas dispatch of the SDF in the eyes of the international community.

The Japanese authorities explained that the warship dispatched to the Middle East will go into "action for maritime defense" in case of emergency, which means use of arms, and shares information with the U.S. troops while acting independently. This shows that the dispatch of the "SDF" is not aimed at gathering information for security.

Whatever the reason and pretext, all the overseas military activities of Japan have been directed at realizing the wild dream of overseas expansion.

Now, the sphere of military operation of Japan covers all the regions of the world and even space, far beyond the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".

Therefore, it is natural that every military move of Japan arouses the attention of the international community.

It is necessary to keep close watch on the moves of the Japanese reactionaries inventing one excuse after another for overseas dispatch of troops to prevent the repeat of the disaster the mankind suffered in the first half of the 20th century.

(KCNA - March 9, 2020)
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