Hwang Kyo An scrambles for dictatorship


Hwang Kyo An seeks dictatorship after scrambled election
Hwang Kyo An
Another bloody fight of the south Korean conservatives took place over the nomination of candidates for the "national assemblymen" election, evoking only disillusion of the people from all walks of life.

Traitor Hwang Kyo An is behind the dirty scramble for power.

The traitor's arbitrary and high-handed practice reached the extremes in the nomination of candidates with high probability as was the case with the nomination of candidates for regional constituencies.

Hwang contended that the "Future Korea Party", a junior partner of the "United Future Party", put the "talents" posted by him in the placings with no possibility of getting elected in the list of candidates of high probability. He replaced the high echelon of the "Future Korea Party" and all the members of the "nomination management committee" with his close associates and nominated candidates with high probability of getting elected again.

As commented by various circles of south Korea and the public opinion, such violence is an "unprecedented nomination coup" and fully betrays again the fascist nature of Hwang and his greed for power as well.

The inveterate nature of the vicious fascist maniac, who worked at the beck and call of the conservative dictatorial regime when he worked as the "minister of Justice", can never change.

The disposition of the fascist who hunted democratic and patriotic personages and dissolved progressive organizations is fully demonstrated in the zeal for realizing his wild ambition for power.

He rigged up a bogus political party overnight, did away with the high echelon of the party incurring his displeasure and indiscriminately brought them down whether they belonged to his group or other group, stunning the public.

His rowdyism ahead of the election of the "national assemblymen" is attributable to his wild ambition to expel his rivals from the party and build the one-party system after the election.

He only seeks to usurp the "National Assembly" and lay the foundation of power with his close associates so as to realise such a pipedream as the revival of the conservative dictatorial regime.

Far from reflecting on the recent dogfight, he has gone so shameless as to blame others, claiming that is why the present regime and its fellow forces must be punished in the coming general election.

Traitor Hwang is the rubbish driven out of the times, being forsaken by the people long ago, and the chief target of the struggle for doing away with the deep-seated evils.

The south Korean people insist that traitor Hwang should be eliminated along with the "United Future Party" of traitors.

It is as clear as noonday that Hwang will face the same miserable fate as the preceding dictators as he goes zealous for realizing his wild ambition for power.

(KCNA - March 31, 2020)

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