Foolish territorial ambition of Japan

The Japanese reactionaries are desperate in criminal moves to seize Tok Island.

Ultra-right supra-partisan lawmakers have recently held "The third Tokyo 'Takeshima Day' meeting" at the Diet where they claimed that the Tok Island is their territory and cried out for retaking the "illegally occupied island".

Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga in a press conference said that it is needless to say that Tok Island is a territory belonging to Japan from the view of the historic fact as well as international laws.

In another development, an event was held in Shimane Prefecture to mark "Takeshima Day" in the presence of a high-ranking official sent by the government authorities, together with a street propaganda calling for "dominium over Tok Island".

All this goes to more clearly show that the Japanese reactionaries are impudent ones who dare not hesitate to distort even the stark historical fact for overseas expansion and seizure of other's territory.

The undisguised demagoguery for seizure of other's territory and war of aggression amid the growing public fear caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19 threatening the people's health and life shows how desperately the gangster-like Japanese reactionaries are eager in realizing territorial ambition.

As already reported, this year Japan reconstructed the "exhibition of territorial sovereignty" on an expansion basis for whitewashing its history of aggression and claiming the inviolable territory of the Korean nation, through which it seeks to infuse the consciousness of aggression into the people.

Moreover, provocative voices calling for retaking Tok Island are heard from political circles, as never before.

Explicitly speaking, the fact recognized from historical point of view and by international laws is that Tok Island is an inalienable territory of the Korean nation and Japan has no ground to edge itself into the issue.

But the Japanese reactionaries absurdly named the inviolable territory of the Korean people "Takeshima" and persist in claiming that it belongs to Japan. This is a reckless act which could be done only the Japanese reactionaries imbued with the ambition for reinvasion to their marrow.

Clear is the aim of their escalating provocations to seize Tok Island.

As a matter of fact, Japan has laid all military, economic and legal foundations needed for a war state. It seeks to provide a legal justification for war of aggression by hyping and internationalizing the issue of Tok Island and thus lay a springboard for invading the continent.

It is a daydream for Japan to bring back the past when it occupied the Korean peninsula through high-handedness and blackmail in the last century.

Japan's "dominium over Tok Island" is something which can never come to true.

The foolish territorial ambition will only ruin Japan and bring doom to it.

(KCNA - March 4, 2020)

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