DPRK steps up anti-epidemic activities

Disinfection activity at River Pothong Nursery
Disinfection activity at River Pothong Nursery. (Photo KCNA)

The DPRK has toughened up the state emergency anti-epidemic system to cope with the damage by COVID-19 rapidly spreading to nearly all countries and regions of the world.

The regular teleconference on the state emergency anti-epidemic activities analyzes and reviews the successes and defects in such anti-epidemic activities as blocking the inroads of the epidemic, medical inspection and checkup and quarantine and adopts due measures.

The recent teleconference underscored the need for all the regions and units to carry out the hygienic information service and medical observation, the inspection and quarantine of imports and the work of freeing isolated people in a more responsible manner and to ensure preventive inoculations and supply of medicines to prevent other diseases.

The emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels urge people to raise their awareness to the maximum as regards the protracted anti-epidemic work, working hard to inform the people of the worldwide spread of the epidemic, its danger and common knowledge about personal hygiene and prevention of epidemics, not restrained by time and place.

The medical observation of foreigners, returnees from abroad, their contacts and those under quarantine at home and the work of freeing people from quarantine continue to be properly carried out.

One more foreigner was freed from quarantine and two foreigners are still under quarantine.

The emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels have freed those under medical observation for having shown no abnormal symptoms during their quarantine according to the rules, and meticulously carried on medical inspection and checkup of over 2 280 people under medical observation with much care for their living conditions in South and North Phyongan provinces, Ryanggang Province, Rason City and other parts of the country.

The control over and guidance to medical workers in charge of households across the country is being tightened to let them carry out medical observation of those freed from quarantine twice a day with responsibility.

(KCNA - March 27, 2020)

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