More efforts directed to preventing COVID-19 in DPRK

The emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels in Pyongyang and local areas of the DPRK have directed greater efforts to preventing COVID-19.

More efforts directed to preventing COVID-19 in DPRK
Anti-epidemic activity at Seagull Restaurant in Pyongyang. (Photo KCNA)

The Central Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters puts forth clear tasks for emergency anti-epidemic headquarters every week to thoroughly prevent COVID-19, positively generalizes achievements and experience gained in their implementation and reviews and takes strong measures against deviations through nationwide video-conferencing.

It has also taken tougher measures to prevent the inroads of the epidemic into borders and costal areas and the areas along the demarcation line in a scientific and preemptive way, while tightening control over all the people to let them obey unconditionally the instructions and supervision of emergency anti-epidemic headquarters.

It has correctly carried out to free those under medical observation, including foreigners, returnees from abroad and their contacts that had been quarantined under the state anti-epidemic system.

As of Mar. 19 all the foreigners in quarantine, except three, were freed as it has been confirmed that they had showed no abnormal symptoms during sufficient medical observation and checkup.

Over 1 500 people have been additionally freed from quarantine in South Phyongan Province and over 1 090 in North Phyongan Province. The same is true of other provinces.

The emergency anti-epidemic headquarters at all levels encourage all the people to keep streets, villages and worksites more tidy and clean and carry on disinfection on a regular basis during hygienic months, March and April, thus turning the hygienic work into a mass campaign for preventing the viral epidemic.

(KCNA - March 20, 2020)
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