DPRK conducts mass campaign for hygienic and anti-epidemic work

The hygienic and anti-epidemic work to prevent COVID-19 that spreads worldwide is carried out more vigorously across the country.

Mundok and Phyongwon counties and other parts of South Phyongan Province intensify the education of people and take timely measures against any slightest possibility of COVID-19 inroads.

The Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center in Tokchon City produces the antiseptic by itself and supplies it to different units of the city and Kaechon City scrupulously carries out the disinfection and quarantine of vehicles passing through the city.

Counties in South Hwanghae Province urges for careful disinfection of public places like public service establishments and medical workers in rural areas make medical examination of residents in a responsible manner.

Counties in coastal areas regularly disinfect fishing boats and urge local residents to keep a close watch on abnormal practices.

Officials in the field of public health of North Hwanghae Province have secured the essential medicines and explained about medical knowledge and data in various forms and ways at public places.

They keep tight control over disinfection of sewage treatment plants, taking measures for keeping clean settling ponds, water closets, sewerages and others and urging people to strictly observe the rules of health.

The Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center in Jagang Province timely send necessary data and assignments to the affiliated units and fully supply medical expendables like antiseptic and test reagent to them.

In Kangwon, South Hamgyong, North Hamgyong and Ryanggang provinces and other areas, officials are further intensifying the hygienic and anti-epidemic work by taking due measures in advance.

(KCNA - March 2, 2020)

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