Material measures taken to prevent viral epidemic in DPRK

Material measures have been taken in various parts of the DPRK to prevent viral epidemics.

Veterinary and anti-epidemic work to prevent viral disease at the Central Zoo in Pyongyang. (Photo KCNA)

North Phyongan Province is further tightening the system of lock-down, check, observation and information against COVID-19 along the border area, while producing lots of antiseptic solution every day for thorough disinfection.

Province-level units have recently produced hundreds of thousands of hygienic, anti-epidemic and medical goods and medicines and supplied them to residents.

Officials of units at all levels in Jagang Province have made tangible contributions to furthering the material and technical foundation for hygienic and anti-epidemic work by preparing equipment for examination of water and vehicles.

Institutions at provincial and city levels in South Phyongan Province provided a large amount of fuel, electric-power generating motors, food, bedclothes and non-staple foods, etc. to provincial, city and county anti-epidemic institutions and quarantine places on several occasions.

The hygienic and anti-epidemic centers and public health organs in South Hwanghae Province built a base for producing antiseptic solution with their own efforts to satisfy the needs and take measures for enough supply of medicines and medical consumption goods like protective medical clothing, goggles and overshoes.

Provinces such as North Hwanghae Province, Kangwon Province and Ryanggang Province also push ahead with supply of materials as required by the ongoing all-out anti-epidemic campaign.

(KCNA - March 13, 2020)

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