'Clean land' free of infection

DPRK epidemic prevention: Unilateral 'clean land' is not easy
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Many people are amazed to see the DPRK free of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) until today when the damage by its infection continues to spread on a global scale to over 160 countries and regions of the world, causing more than 7,900 deaths.

Gao Hao Rong, researcher of the "Oriental Think Tank" of China commented in an article as follows:

The DPRK remains up to now as a "clean land" free of infections of the novel coronavirus. Its peculiarity, independence and method of dealing with it are exactly "our style" emphasized consistently by the DPRK. Certainly, the prevention work in the DPRK is peculiar compared to other countries. It moved into action upon hearing the news of occurrence of infections of the novel coronavirus. As the issuance of stern order of ban, strictly framed disciplines and concerted steps constitute the greatest characteristic of "socialism of the Korean style", orders are issued from the top to the bottom and no double-dealing and bargaining are allowed. The system of "doctor in charge of houses" implemented by the DPRK plays a very big role. The DPRK enforces "ultra-special level measures of prevention" because it regards the prevention work as an important issue related to the life and death of the country and the nation and the future of socialism.

Various Chinese internet homepages also carried articles to the following effect:

Japan responds like Buddha, south Korea lacks capability with anxiety only and the U.S. bluffs. In contrast to these countries, the DPRK has enforced absolutely strong prevention measures. No matter how medical and hygienic instruments of the DPRK are, the whole society has succeeded in blocking the pandemic with one accord. This capability can never be underestimated. On the contrary, it is wrong for some people in their attempt to take biased view of the DPRK which implements excellent prevention measures with an unparalleled ability of judgement. Their purpose of making such malicious remarks is attributable to the fact that the DPRK belittled by themselves has rather outplayed the so-called "advanced countries" and "developed countries" in a test of global spread of pandemic. Undeniable reality is the fact that not a single case of infection has been reported so far in the DPRK and the public order remains calm as ever. This is the capital of the DPRK and its uncontaminated clean image.

The WHO and other medical and anti-epidemic experts also expressed surprise at the fact that the infectious disease could not find its way into the DPRK, while those countries claiming themselves to be advanced in prevention of communicable disease failed to control its spread. They commented that it was because the measures of isolation and quarantine were taken in time by the Party and the government of the DPRK, with concerted action and mobilization of the whole society and entire people.

(DPRK MFA - March 19, 2020)

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