Changwon citizens urge withdrawal of US troops

Changwon citizens urge withdrawal of US troops
Members of June 15 Changwon City Branch held a press conference on March 26, urging withdrawal of the US troops that take south Korean workers as hostage and coerce south Korean authority into increasing defence sharing. (Photo Tongil News)

A citizens' organization in Changwon of South Kyongsang Province held a press conference in front of a statue of a worker drafted by the Japanese imperialists in Changwon on Mar. 26 in demand of the withdrawal of the U.S. troops that enforces south Korea to increase defence sharing with no reason, according to the south Korean internet newspaper Tongil News.

Speakers at the press conference said that the U.S. troop side informed the south Korean workers in the U.S. military bases of their layoff from April 1 on the pretext of the delayed adoption of "special agreement on sharing defence cost".

Terming the U.S. troop side's provocative measure as a practice against human rights and labor, they said that they have no use for the U.S. troops in south Korea which exist to hold supremacy over Northeast Asia.

A press release stressed it is a demand of citizens in Changwon that the U.S. troops should leave south Korea.

(KCNA - March 29, 2020)

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