Political conspiracy of S Korean conservatives to deceive people


South Korean conservatives have recently formed the "United Future Party (UFP)" which they call a new party for unity.

This is no more than the revival of the "Saenuri Party" as it is merely a recombination of two forces - the one that renamed the "Saenuri Party" the "Liberal Korea Party" to cover up its true colors as partisan of traitor Park Geun Hye when she was impeached and the other that seceded from the traitorous "Saenuri Party" while crying out for "innovation".

Clear is which way the UFP led by Hwang Kyo An, a pace-setter in espousing the "theory on release of Park Geun Hye" that stunned public and an adept excelling Park in treacheries and irregularities and corruption, will go.

Nevertheless, the UFP gentries including Hwang Kyo An try every means available to beautify the UFP as the "one for saving south Korea" and "one for people's happiness".

This is a revelation of their wicked plan to prolong their remaining days as "politicians" and retake power by deceiving the people.

It is a forte of the chameleonic conservative group to change the party's name and shake up the party whenever it faces bitter denunciation and severe punishment of the people.

After being sidelined by the people's fierce candlelight resistance, the conservative group has left no stone unturned to improve its poor image through the farce of "long journey for public welfare" and by making a political issue of COVID-19 crisis, but the public censure against those philistines is getting stronger with each passing day.

Upset by this, the conservative traitors are making desperate efforts to rid themselves of the cooled eye of various circles in the south Korean society through the deceptive party founding.

Through the farce of party founding, the deep-rooted evil forces seek to defeat their rivals in the "National Assembly" elections due in April and thus create an opportunity favorable for the establishment of conservative regime.

It is nothing but a pipedream.

Now, the south Korean people determine the attitude not to support the conservative group, saying that the UFP is merely a fascist political party which descended from military gangsters Park Chung-Hee and Chun Doo Hwan and "another Saenuri Party", a den for the evil forces of Lee Myung Bak and Park Geun Hye, and that the merger of conservative forces which were politically sentenced to death along with the impeachment of Park will only precipitate its destruction.

Every sin brings its punishment with it.

It is sure that the conservative traitors will be buried in the grave of history for committing indelible crimes one after another against the public mindset and the trend of the times.

(KCNA - February 27, 2020)

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