Japanese reactionaries work hard to revise constitution


The inveterate nature of the Japanese reactionaries' militaristic ambition is being revealed with each passing day to stun the world.

Shortly ago, Prime Minister Abe at a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party on the revision of the constitution made remarks that "it is necessary to revise outdated parts", calling for putting an end to the discussion of the constitution by properly specifying the existence of the "Self-Defense Force" in the constitution. He also said at a meeting of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives that "it is a matter related with the mainstay of national defense to stipulate and codify the validity of members of the SDF".

His remarks are little short of an announcement that he would continue to turn a deaf ear to the strong protest and denunciation at home and abroad and go ahead with the criminal revision of the constitution.

The international community is now denouncing the reactionaries of the island nation who are openly challenging international laws that stipulates the post-war status and future of Japan as the heinous group of reinvasion and fascist force of modern version.

Amid the increase of the number of Japanese opposing the revision of the constitution, the political circle is getting increasingly vocal in asserting that "Prime Minister Abe has no right to revise the constitution" and "it is necessary to bring down Abe regime that violates Article 9 of the constitution".

This being a hard fact, Abe and other forces standing for the revision are making desperate efforts to revise the constitution, while talking about the "building of a state towards a new era" in defiance of the demand of humanity and public sentiment.

Lurking behind this is the cunning intention to restore the old status of the colonial suzerain state by which it acted an emperor in the Asian countries occupied by it in the last century under the pretext of securing the status of a normal state.

It is not difficult to guess what is meant by the "building of a new state" much touted by those brutal guys who obstinately claim aggression and plunder as justice and innocence.

The Japanese reactionaries are, indeed, the dangerous force of invasion which brings the dark clouds to hang over the earth and the group of evils which deserves punishment by the common efforts of humanity.

The Japanese politicians making desperate efforts to realize the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" should clearly understand that they can never evade the merciless rebuff by the international community.

Japan will only suffer disgrace as the eternal criminal state and the defeated state and be doomed to ruin for its reckless moves of militarism including the revision of the constitution.

(KCNA - February 3, 2020)

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