Japan should not act rashly


Japan's wild ambition for expansion has reached its height.

Days ago, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan approved an amendment to the law on establishment of Defence Ministry aimed at organizing space operation corps in the Air "Self-Defense Force" under the signboard of studying measures for evading collision of space debris and satellites and checking the attack of foreign satellites, and decided to submit it to the Diet.

The passage of the amendment through the Diet will provide Japan with a legal guarantee to turn the moves for space militarization for air espionage into the preparations of attack posture and the dangerous phase of practice.

Japan's space-related moves are linked directly with the moves for its military giant.

Japan enacted a deceptive "bill" on the use of space for peaceful purpose in 1969 and has since stepped up to seize space. It enacted the basic law on space which allows the use of space for military purpose under the pretext of the use of space for "defensive purpose" in 2008. It, not content with this, removed the legal barriers to space militarization by modifying an article that confines space development to peaceful purpose in 2012.

Japan has already established a system under which it can keep watch on the whole world including the DPRK round the clock with espionage satellites and has a rocket technology on a high level.

It is as clear as noonday that the development of offensive means and deployment the Japanese militarists have stepped up in accordance with the amendment to the law on establishment of Defence Ministry under such situation will bring a danger to the planet.

What should not be overlooked is that the Japanese reactionaries are making a fool of the international community by shamelessly claiming that their moves for a military giant are for "defence" and "the thing for coping with someone's threat".

At the regular Diet session convened on Jan. 20 Japanese Prime Minister Abe designated the DPRK, China and Russia as the main rival states that can attack its satellites and justified the establishment of the space operation corps.

With nothing the Japanese reactionaries can cover up the final aim for reinvasion.

The sordid intention of the Japanese authorities is revealed in the fact that they are whitewashing the past crimes, refusing to atone for them, revising the "Pacifist Constitution" and building up the SDF beyond the principle of "exclusive defense" and that politicians are letting loose remarks that Japan should grab others' land through by means of war.

Japan should not act rashly, mindful that it will fall into the abyss of ruin if it makes desperate efforts for a military giant, going against the desire of mankind for peace.

(KCNA - February 4, 2020)

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