Japan's move for military power


Japan's military acts of wrecking the regional peace and stability are still going on.

On Feb. 9 it launched the latest spy satellite Optical 7 into space with the aim of intensifying the surveillance of "missile launching station" and other military facilities of the DPRK.

It came at a time when the world expresses great concern at the unstable situation pervading the Korean peninsula and the region. Such move is never tolerable.

This is a clear act of aggression against the DPRK and shows vividly that Japan has further intensified its move to turn itself into a military giant.

It is a known fact that the Japanese reactionaries designated the Korean peninsula as its first target in realizing its ambition for reinvasion.

The ultra-rightists of the island nation set the conquest of the peninsula as the primary goal in realizing the aged plan of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" which they didn't fulfill in the last century, and have long made military preparations for the plan.

And now Japan's "Self-Defense Forces" have grown to be an actual regular army with the same arms, services and commanding systems as the Imperial Japanese Army, and are second in attack capability only to the U.S. forces in the Western world.

In particular, space, a great asset common to humankind, has been turned into a military theatre of the war criminal state Japan, owing to its decades-long moves for the weaponization of outer space.

Japan has launched as many as over 100 satellites till now since its first one in February 1970, and has 7 spy satellites which it operates openly advertising as the ones for collecting information about the DPRK.

The then Minister of Defence Iwaya said at a news conference on May 14 last year that Japan established multilayer system using not only the information collection satellites of the government but also commercial satellites to strengthen the surveillance on the DPRK. This fact proves that Japan's spying acts against the DPRK have, in reality, been conducted more frantically under the mobilization of an extremely great number of satellites.

Moreover, a "space operation corps" which is planned to be newly organized by the politicians of the island country, also omens more dangerous attack on the DPRK in the outer space and this, therefore, highlights the danger of Japan rushing headlong into militarism.

What matters is that the armed forces of the SDF which the island country is extremely expanding under the pretext of "threats from north Korea" do not aim at only the DPRK.

Undisguised hostility toward neighboring countries, territorial ambition and the moves of SDF that started its activities in the global scale go to clearly prove that the island nation's reinvasion against Korea can develop into the one against the entire region in a moment.

The same is the case for the spy satellite recently launched by the Japanese reactionaries.

A Chinese expert in an article contributed to a Chinese media said that Japan has persistently pulled up the DPRK as evidenced by the military moves including the launch of spy satellite, noting that no one should be taken in by this. The article continued that in many cases, it is no more than a trick and a pretext for Japan to take the road of turning itself into a major military power. In fact, Japan's spy satellite also has neighboring countries of the DPRK as the targets of priority surveillance, to say nothing of the DPRK. This is as clear as noonday, the article added.

Japan's arms buildup is an act of aggression against the DPRK and a move to seize the hegemony in the region for the purpose of becoming the "leader of Asia".

Sharp vigilance should be kept against Japan's military action going against the desire of mankind for peace and security.

(KCNA - February 11, 2020)

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