Anti-epidemic work brisk near frontier and demarcation line

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is directing great efforts to preventing COVID-19 in the areas along the frontier and the demarcation line.

DPRK hygienic and anti-epidemic work brisk near frontier and demarcation line
Covid-19 prevention activity at the frontier city Sinuiju. (Photo KCNA)

In North Phyongan Province, officials step up hygienic propaganda among inhabitants and conduct anti-epidemic activities, while meticulously pushing ahead with the supply of medicaments, disinfectants, reagents, etc.

In Ryanggang Province and Rason City, sustained efforts are being directed to the hygienic propaganda and due measures taken against any slightest deviation in the hygienic and anti-epidemic work at commercial networks and welfare service and public catering establishments.

All the units including Party and power organs, working people's organizations and public health institutions in the areas along the demarcation line are keeping strict vigilance to prevent any possible inroads of the epidemic in advance.

Kangwon Province carries out political work and hygienic information service in a flexible way.

Hygienic and anti-epidemic institutions keep inhabitants from river fishery and encourage them to drink boiled water.

The cities and counties along the demarcation line in South Hwanghae Province and Kaesong City conduct an anti-epidemic work in a responsible manner in response to a series of emergency anti-epidemic measures taken by the state.

(KCNA - February 29, 2020)

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