US moves aimed at strategic rivals

The Bloomberg News has said that the US plans to organize special units for containing Russia and China. The units will reportedly be stationed on the islands in the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines and Chinese Taipei and possess high-precision weapons capable of accurately destroying ground and naval targets including supersonic missiles.

US Army Secretary
Ryan D. McCarthy
On January 10, the US secretary of the Army (photo on the left - KR) announced a plan envisaging the deployment of two special units in the Pacific region which can conduct intelligence, electronic, cyber and missile operations against China. He said that the units will be deployed within two years and this is because "China will emerge as a strategic threat to the US".

Referring to the need for the US forces to develop at the same speed as its potential rival, a high-ranking US military official made public that the country is now engaged in the modernization of its inter-continental ballistic missiles, submarines and strategic bombers.

According to foreign reports, the US has drastically increased investment in its intelligence agencies, organizations which are in charge of the collection of information through spy satellites and the organization and command of spy activities abroad including China and Russia, in its military budget for 2020.

Meanwhile, the US unilaterally withdrew from the treaty on the elimination of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty while hyping up "Russia's violation of the treaty" and "missile threat from China". Availing itself of this opportunity, it conducted various kinds of missile tests.

(Pyongyang Times - January 23, 2020)

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