Japan should stop deceptive rhetoric about peace and security

It is a foolish dream if the Japanese reactionaries think that they can deceive the international community with rhetoric about peace and security.


Japan's sinister ambition for reinvasion is getting more undisguised with each passing day.

Recently, the Japanese government announced that it will send a P-3C patrol plane and a convoy, saying that there is nothing changed in its plan for dispatching the maritime SDF abroad.

The dispatch of the maritime SDF under the pretext of ensuring safety of Japanese ships is a clear show of the militaristic maniacs' ever more undisguised moves for realizing the ambition for overseas expansion.

Since its defeat in the Second World War, Japan has justified the overseas dispatch of the SDF while rushing headlong to become a military power for reinvasion under the signboard of "peace".

Even at this moment, Japan describes the dispatch of its armed forces as "diplomatic efforts for detente", saying that peace and stability in the Middle East are very important for the international community including Japan and that it is difficult for every country to defend the vast sea area alone.

Commenting on this, foreign media unanimously say that the Japanese government's decision on dispatch of the SDF to the Strait of Hormuz, which is opposed by over half of its people, will further escalate the dispute in the Middle East.

At the end of last year, a protest rally against the dispatch of armed forces to the region was held outside the official residence of the prime minister by Diet members from the opposition parties and citizens. They demanded a stop to the dispatch of SDF to the Middle East, urging not to disregard the article 9 of the Constitution and expressing their determination not to allow it.

It is the mindset of the Japanese people wishing not to wreck its future by themselves again under the war flag stained with crime and blood.

But the Japanese reactionaries, who have dreamt of overseas expansion with revanchism steeped to the marrow of their bone, decided the issue of the SDF's dispatch to the Middle East at a Cabinet meeting without the approval of the Diet.

As well known, after Abe took power, the defense expenditure of Japan has been on the yearly increase and this year Japan allocated 5 313. 3 billion yen for the buildup in new spheres like the space and cyber space and for the purchase of U.S.-made weapons like F-35, the highest one in history.

The Japanese reactionaries are scheming to enable Japan to carry out military operations in any place of the world, and to perfect the actual war capacity and modernization of the SDF and thus realize their wild ambition for reinvasion at any cost. But their sinister intention can never be covered up.

It is a foolish dream if they think that they can deceive the international community with rhetoric about peace and security.

There is no country or nation that wants to see the flag of the war criminal state, symbol of militarism and aggression, fluttering in every part of the world.

Japan's course towards a war state for aggression is only a shortcut to the doom of the island country.

(KCNA - January 14, 2020)

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