Japan's atrocities to obliterate Korean spirit

In the last century, Japan committed crimes of burning up many precious national classics of Korea.

After their illegal occupation of Korea, the Japanese imperialists conducted an "investigation" into the books inspiring patriotic spirit of the Korean nation and captured and threw them into the fire at random.

Under the pretext of "data collection", they had impelled their military police, police and government officials to confiscate the classics from private schools, Buddhist temples, Confucian schools and others across Korea during the period of 1910 to 1918. After all, more than 200 000 volumes of classics were reduced to ashes.

Besides, the Japanese imperialists arrested and imprisoned the Koreans who hid the historical books or read them secretly.

In the 1920s, they framed a sinister plot called edition of "Korean History Book". They organized a "committee for compilation of Korean history book" on the "instruction of government-general in Korea" No. 64 in December 1922 to work out a plan for plundering historical data and pushed ahead with the capture of Korean national classics.

Four years later, they removed all data except some needed for distorting the history.

When they were expelled from Korea, they let paid historians burn up documents of the "Society of Compilation of Korean History Book" and many other data related to the Korean history.

Due to such vicious obliteration by the Japanese imperialists, the national classics of Korea were almost eliminated before its liberation.

Lurking behind such deeds was a cruel aim of the Japanese imperialists to obliterate the national pride of the Koreans and assimilate them to the Japanese.

History has never known such heinous robber as Japan which destroyed, plundered and burnt up even national cultural heritages in a bid to obliterate the soul and identity of a nation.

(KCNA - January 22, 2020)

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