Iraqi parliament resolves to expel foreign troops

The Iraqi parliament passed a bill to demand foreign troops leave the country on Jan 5.

More than 5 000 US troops are reportedly stationed in Iraq under the pretext of "anti-terror war".

The Iraqi prime minister had announced his official stand over the recent US' missile attack on an airfield in Baghdad  that killed Iranian and Iraqi high-ranking officers, and called on the national assembly to hold a special meeting to take legitimate countermeasures.

Accordingly, a special parliamentary session convened and agreed with the overwhelming approval of assemblymen to demand an end to the stationing of foreign troops in Iraq and the prohibition of their use of its airspace and territorial waters.

The Iraqi government is expected to accuse the US of infringement on Iraq's sovereignty and security and to launch into the work toward the withdrawal of foreign troops.

(Pyongyang Times - January 8, 2020)

Google AI Translation:

The National Security Council affirms its support for the position of the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces in denouncing and condemning the violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and rejecting the aggression and its departures from the role and conditions of the presence of the American forces, and for the call he made to the House of Representatives to hold an extraordinary session.

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