Individualism produces all social evils in capitalist society

By Kim Sung Gol
Rodong Sinmun

Individualism is a reactionary idea to satisfy one's own desire by sacrificing not only the public interests but also the other's.

Individualism serves as the principle of people's thinking and action and the principle of political activities of a reactionary state as well as the principle of activities of anti-popular social forces and political groups in capitalist society.

Individualism is a source of all social evils in capitalist society.

Individualism with which one ruthlessly tramples down reason, morality, conscience and obligation for one's own comfort and pleasure and seeks one's own interests by sacrificing the other produces all social evils such as murder, robber and fraud.

Disillusion, political distrust and hatred based on the extreme individualism are rampant in the capitalist society.

It is the self-evident truth that there is no future for the capitalist society where man is neither respected nor valued and individualism encouraging selfish interests is prevalent.

True human relations can never be formed and the sound development of society can not be made in capitalist society where individualism is prevalent.

(KCNA - January 20, 2020)

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