Friendship performance held at Ponghwa Theatre

Celebration of Lunar New Year's Day 2020 at Ponghwa Theatre

A DPRK-China friendship art performance was given by Chinese artistes at the Ponghwa Art Theatre on January 16 to celebrate the Lunar New Year's Day 2020 under the co-sponsorship of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, the DPRK-China Friendship Association, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the Chinese embassy here.

Among the audience were Choe Hong Nam, vice-minister of Culture, Pak Kyong Il, vice-chairman of the Korean Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and chairman of the DPRK-China Friendship Association, officials of the association, officials concerned, working people in the city, and Li Jinjun, Chinese ambassador to the DPRK, and his embassy members, Chinese guests and Chinese residents in the DPRK and members of foreign embassies and missions of international bodies here.

Prior to the performance, speeches were made.

Then the artistes of a cultural and art delegation of Tianjin City, China gave the performance.

Put on the stage were colorful numbers depicting culture, national sentiments and customs of the Chinese people.

They included male solo "Ardent Desire" and "Our National Flag", Korean songs, and dance "Yangsando".

Floral baskets were conveyed to the performers in congratulation of their successful performance.

(KCNA - January 17, 2020)

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