Capitalism can never hide its reactionary nature

By Ri Kyong Su
Rodong Sinmun

Societies that had existed before capitalism were all unequal but capitalism is the worst ever that surpasses all of them.

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In capitalist society the privileged accounting for 1 percent of population holds all the power and wealth, and oppresses and exploits all strata of people of 99 percent.

In the socio-class point of view, the foundation of socialism is people while that of capitalism is the capitalist class. It is obvious that capitalism based on a tiny handful of 1 percent will collapse if the absolute majority of 99 percent vent their hatred and anger.

As capitalism reaches the red line, the mammonistic plutocrats as well as the ruling circles of the western countries are trembling with anxiety and fear.

The ruling circles and monopolistic plutocrats in the western countries, upset by their wavering domination and privileged position, are resorting to all kinds of trickeries to ease the extreme socio-political contradiction even a bit.

But such a camouflage can neither cover up nor ease the socio-political contradiction and confrontation of capitalism.

Capitalism can never hide its nature as a reactionary society that goes against the desire and intrinsic requirements of the popular masses, however hard it disguises itself.

Society with its back turned on the public sentiment is doomed to ruin.

(KCNA - January 5, 2020)

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