Capitalist press paralyzing people's consciousness

By Ri Chol Hyok
Rodong Sinmun

Mass media in the capitalist society talk much about "freedom of speech", but in fact it is no more than a reptile bugler for defending the reactionary internal and external policies of the ruling class, the capitalist class, and representing their interests.

The media in the capitalist society serves as carriers which propagate and nourish the corrupt bourgeois idea, culture and way of life.

The ruling class in the capitalist society uses the press as a means of benumbing the sound ideological consciousness of people and commercial profit-making organization for their profits.

Owing to the bourgeois idea and culture spread by the press, various crimes like exploitation and plunder, fraud and deception, murder and flesh traffic are prevalent, immorality and corruption rampant and the consciousness of racial discrimination, racism and misanthropy incite in the capitalist society.

The people's consciousness of independence is being benumbed and they are ideologically and culturally being poisoned and degenerated owing to the influence of the press which imbues the people with the bourgeois idea and culture.

The press in the capitalist society is a tool for implementing the aggressive foreign policy of the ruling class.

The press also plays a big role in rationalizing the exploitation and suppression of the popular masses and the aggression and plunder of other countries and spreading the reactionary idea and culture to obliterate the independent ideological consciousness.

(KCNA - January 13, 2020)

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