Outer space can not be abused by state of aggression


Japan is madly keen on exploiting even the outer space for its sinister purpose of building up "defence capacity".

It is going to rename the air "Self-Defense Force" the aerospace "Self-Defense Force", which was already put under examination.

It is said that Japan will start the coordination for revision of laws, including the law on the "Self-Defence Forces" (SDF), which is aimed at the renaming by 2023.

This goes to clearly prove that Abe's remarks "the air SDF's evolvement into the aerospace SDF is no longer a dream" made at a meeting of the SDF high-ranking officers held in last September while insisting on the organization of a space operation corps of the air SDF are being materialized.

Such a move under the pretext of "building up defense capacity in space" is a dangerous move to expand the SDF's sphere of activity even to the outer space, so as to realize the wild dream of a military giant at any cost.

It can never be overlooked that Japan, which provoked a war of aggression against mankind and committed all sorts of brutalities in the last century, slavers over the outer space that should be used for peaceful purpose.

Japan still remains a war criminal state, a war force dreaming of overseas invasion which has made desperate efforts to whitewash and repeat its blood-stained and crime-woven past, before the international community.

Worse still, all the moves of Japan are being rapidly directed to the realization of its wild dream of becoming a military giant and launching overseas invasion.

From the beginning of the year, the Japanese reactionaries have pushed ahead with turning the Pacifist Constitution, which bans Japan from having the right of belligerency and possession of combat power, into the war constitution, claiming that "it is high time to press ahead with the building of a state for a new era".

Since the appearance of the Abe regime, Japan's defense cost has reached a record high in history every year and the cost for space-related plans like the organization of the space operation corps reaches 50.6 billion yen in its defence budget for the next year.

Japan is going to organize the space operation corps of the air SDF with 20 men this year and increase its number up to 100 by 2022 to operate it in full swing from the next year.

Since the defeat, Japan has upgraded the SDF's attack capability to the world level and expanded its sphere of activity to all parts of the world under the signboard of "exclusive defense".

It is as clear as noonday what Japan seeks through the constitutional revision aiming at freeing itself from the deceptive constitutional fetters and through militarization of outer space.

Japan is an actual force threatening and wrecking peace.

The outer space can never be reduced to a theatre for the state of aggression, the war-thirsty state.

The Japanese reactionaries' development of the air SDF into the aerospace SDF and their pursuit of a military giant will bring a miserable end to Japan, the war criminal state.

(KCNA - January 18, 2020)

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