Abe revision will lead Japan to self-destruction


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Japan has remained unchanged in its militaristic nature, though many years have gone past.

On Jan. 1, Prime Minister Abe said in his New Year's statement he "will go ahead with major reforms that will shape our country. And beyond that, I see a constitutional revision."

In his first press conference of the year held on Jan. 6, he said that he would step up the adoption of the original draft for the constitutional revision through the brisk debate going beyond the ruling and opposition parties at the ordinary session of the diet and the Liberal Democratic Party would take the lead for more active national discussion.

It is needless to say again that his remarks are a revelation of wicked design to turn Japan into a military giant and a militaristic country.

The Japanese reactionaries whitewash their moves for the constitutional revision aiming at specifying the existence of the "Self-Defense Forces" as the efforts for "building a state for a new era, which is a trick to cool down bitter denunciation by the Japanese people and the international community.

As well known, in the mid-1940s of the last century, the international community adopted a series of international laws which bans Japan, a war criminal state and the defeated country of the Second World War, from going to aggression and war again.

But Japan, which agreed with the laws for fear of the anti-Japanese revenge of the world people, has been hell-bent on strengthening its military muscle with a dream of retaliatory reinvasion behind the curtain of the Pacifist Constitution which stipulates the abandonment of its right to belligerency and the non-possession of combat capability.

Now, Japan ranks next to the U.S. in terms of offensive capability among the Western countries and the operation sphere of the SDF has been expanded to all parts of the world and even to the space.

Under these circumstances, if the Constitution is revised to legalize the SDF as regular armed forces, the Japanese reactionaries would have been provided with all the conditions for overseas military invasion.

That is why they make desperate efforts for the constitutional revision, challenging the international laws that stipulate the post-war future of the island country.

All the facts show that the constitutional revision, "building of a new state" and others trumpeted by the rulers of the island country are no more than part of their efforts to build a war state and revive a country of aggression.

Japan is mistaken if it thinks that it can realize the dream of reinvasion through the constitutional revision.

They should be mindful that thanks to the Pacifist Constitution, they could have lived in peace in the Asia-Pacific region filled with hatred for and resentment against Japan.

From the moment when the rulers turn the Pacifist Constitution into a war constitution, Japan will be branded as an enemy state common to mankind and will face a merciless counterblow of the international community.

The constitutional revision will lead Japan to self-destruction.

The Japanese reactionaries should stop a foolish act of ruining the future of their country and people.

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