WPK revolutionary activities in 2019

Sculpture 'Workers' Party of Korea' in front of Kuche Tower

By Pak Yon and Kim Pyong Jin

2019 is a significant year in which the Korean people have written a heroic epic to be eternally recorded in the history of their country under the experienced and tested guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Thanks to the wise leadership of the Supreme Leader this year, the dignity and might of our state have been further demonstrated, the inexhaustible development potential of Juche Korea fully displayed and the invincibility of Korean-style socialism clearly proved.

Kim Jong Un has resolutely weathered the stern tempest of revolution, being responsible for the destiny of the country and people. He made long train journeys to foreign countries in order to defend the sovereignty of the nation, visited islet posts in the forefront to make soldiers keep the spirit of a-match-for-a-hundred and made ceaseless field-guidance to provide the people with happy life.

Without the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un, we can not even imagine the proud reality of our country which has emerged as a power while overcoming all sorts of severe trials.

The records of the revolutionary activities of the Workers’ Party of Korea in 2019 are a treasure to be handed down generation after generation.

The Korean people will strive harder to hasten the victory in the building of a powerful socialist nation with great pride and honor of making revolution, led by Kim Jong Un, a peerlessly great man.

(Rodong Sinmun - December 10, 2019)
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