Self-reliant DPRK achieves big successes in 2019

Yearender by KCNA


The year 2019 is a year of struggle and advance in which the DPRK people have achieved signal successes in the building of a powerful socialist country under the leadership of the great Workers' Party of Korea, upholding the banner of self-reliance.

World-shaking miracles were wrought in the DPRK though it faced with difficulties and trials due to the imperialists' intensified pressure offensive.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un set forth the slogan "Let us open a new road of advance for socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance!" in his New Year Address and reaffirmed the WPK's firm political line for building a powerful socialist country under the banner of self-reliance at the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Party Central Committee and the First Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly.

His call for creating our own things by our own efforts gave tremendous strength and courage to all the people.

The Korean people launched a courageous struggle for making a new history of prosperity by dint of self-reliance despite insufficiency of everything and hardships and splendidly remodeled Samjiyon City and built Yangdok Hot Spring Resort and Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and tree nursery.

The independence and Juche character of the national economy was further strengthened and a big progress was made in improving the people's standard of living.

The flotation process at the Dressing Plant No. 3 of the Komdok Mining Complex and the Kujang Cement Factory were remodeled and world-famous products and commodities have been steadily produced at light industry factories.

Even under the unfavorable climatic conditions, 390-odd farms became the high-yield units and many high-yield farmers were produced across the country and a successful haul was made in the fishery field.

Meanwhile, one hundred and tens of national sci-tech assignments were carried out and a radical change was made in the improvement of educational qualities and environment.

(KCNA - December 26, 2019)
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