Self-reliance for Korean-style socialism

DPRK Poster: Eternal Lifieline of Our Revolution
DPRK Poster: "Self-reliance, eternal lifeline of our revolution". (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Pak Yon

The records of the revolutionary activities conducted by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in 2019 are shining with his energetic guidance in stilling into the minds of the Korean people the idea that self-reliance serves as an eternal lifeline and invariable path of the Korean revolution.

Self-reliance and self-supporting national economy are the foundation of the existence of Korean-style socialism, the engine for its progress and development and the eternal lifeline of the Korean revolution.

No matter what path others may take and what mode of development they may opt for, we have no other way or mode of development but to ceaselessly strengthen the might of the self-supporting national economy provided by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and depend on it in our drive for building a powerful socialist nation.

Self-reliance is the best way to firmly defend the independent dignity of our state and people’s life and bring about a shortcut to its prosperity by making greater leaps forward more rapidly.

The ideas and theories of the Supreme Leader have become an engine for the Korean people to unflinchingly advance along the only road of self-reliance.

They include the idea of prioritizing self-reliance as a vital demand of development, the idea of opening up the period of a decisive turn in the drive for socialist construction leaping forward with self-reliance by making uninterrupted innovation, progress and offensive in the revolutionary spirit and working manner of self-reliance and the idea of making efforts for increasing creativity and development capacity to the effect that no obstacle and challenge can ever check or disturb our advance.

(Rodong Sinmun - December 10, 2019)
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