Reactionary nature of capitalism viewed through women rights issue

By Ri Hyo Jin

The miserable situation of women's rights in the capitalist society is an inevitable result of the anti-popular system under which mammonism, immorality and corruption and jungle law underlie the society.

The reactionary politics is the root cause of all the misfortune and affliction women in the capitalist countries are suffering from.

The Western politicians’ extremely reactionary and anti-popular mindset and their method of government come to be the source of worsening social inequality and sexism, the inveterate taints in capitalist countries.

Many women have been reduced to commodities and victims to human traffic in capitalist countries.

In capitalist countries, women are difficult to get job and easy to be sacked.

Family is a hell, not the cradle of happiness, for women in capitalist society defiant of morality and primary manners for human life.

In capitalist countries, women cannot but give up their right to maternity, as they are subject to unemployment, poverty and family violence.

Mother kills her children or commits suicide together with them, depressed by livelihood, which is rampant in the decayed and ailing capitalist society.

(Rodong Sinmun - December 20, 2019)
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