Outstanding leader who accelerated world socialist movement

People Procession Towards Socialist Victory
DPRK People Procession Toward Socialist Victory. (Photo Credit Uriminzokkiri)

By Ri Hyo Jin
Rodong Sinmun

Chairman Kim Jong Il is the peerlessly great man who proved the scientific accuracy, truth and advantages of socialism in a theoretical and practical way and vigorously accelerated the advance of the world socialist movement under the uplifted banner of Juche-oriented socialism in the difficult years when the world socialist movement suffered serious setbacks.

Kim Jong Il dealt a heavy blow to the moves of the imperialists and renegades of socialism through energetic ideological and theoretical activities and saved the socialist movement from frustration with his outstanding leadership.

In his immortal classic work "Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable", he brought to light that the imperialists' criticism and abuses of socialism like "totalitarian", "barracks-like" and "administrative and commanding" are no more than a fabrication and sophism. He also made public the immortal classic work "Socialism Is a Science" to prove the scientific accuracy and truth of socialism and inevitability of its victory with iron theory and thus stamp out all the sophism against socialism made by renegades of the history.

He wisely led the work to help progressive political parties of the world strengthen the unity and cooperation for the accomplishment of the socialist cause.

He also led the work to make many revolutionary and progressive political parties advance under the uplifted banner of unity.

In the stern period when the destiny of the country and people and the destiny of the socialism in the world were at the crossroads, he held higher the banner of Songun and won victory after victory in the severe struggle for safeguarding socialism by frustrating vicious challenges of the imperialists.

The greatest feats of Kim Jong Il as the defender of socialism and his outstanding greatness lie in the fact that he gave clear answer to the scientific accuracy and truth of socialism and steadily advanced the cause of socialism.

(KCNA - December 17, 2019)
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