Japan's risky ploy to expand overseas


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Japan is getting desperate in its efforts for materializing its wild ambition for overseas aggression.

Its Defense Minister Kono made his appearance in the Middle East and asked for regional countries' support and understanding, talking about the "reason" why the "Self-Defense Forces" should be dispatched to the region.

Japan announced that it would independently dispatch SDF warships and patrol planes to the Middle East to ensure the security of vessels related to Japan using the sea lanes in the Middle East. It is asserting that it is for "peace and stability in the region."

This is part of its policy of aggression to realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion at any cost by putting overseas dispatch of SDF on a regular basis under the signboard of "security" and "peace."

It is well known that Japan has been crazy about the moves for reinvasion out of revanchism in a bid to retrieve itself from the defeat it sustained in its wars of aggression in the past century.

The Japanese reactionaries projected the overseas dispatch of its armed forces as a prerequisite and key strategy for their policy of aggression.

They have long put spurs to adjustment of laws to legitimize the SDF's overseas advance despite the restrictions by the principle of "exclusive defense."

In the wake of the adoption of the "security legislation" in 2015, the operation sphere of the SDF has been drastically expanded overseas beyond the territory of Japan.

What remains to be done is to deal with the viewpoint of the international community on the advance of the Japanese armed forces.

Japan is defined as an enemy state under the UN Charter.

Worse still, it is a dangerous war criminal state which has defiantly refused to admit the crimes of aggression and make an apology and reparation for more than 70 years.

No country will welcome forces for reinvasion with the horrible history.

That is why the Japanese reactionaries loudly talked about "contribution" to global peace, "war on terrorism" and "mopping-up operation against pirates" before dispatching SDF overseas.

This is aimed to relax the international community's vigilance against Japan with deceptive rhetoric about "peace" and "security" and to put the overseas dispatch of SDF for aggression on a routine and active basis.

This is, indeed, a risky ploy.

Japan seeks to dispatch the SDF to various parts of the world and use it as vanguard for aggression in the event of contingency.

It is shocking that warships and war planes of Japan which inflicted untold misfortune and pain upon mankind in the past century are to hang around the world at their will, fluttering the "flag of rising sun shedding rays."

Mankind will face more terrible disaster if Japan launches a war of aggression again.

The international community is sharply following the overseas military advance of the island country.
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