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Japan is desperately going against the demand of the international community.

Prime Minister Abe revealed again his wild ambition to push ahead with the constitutional revision for black-hearted purposes during his tenure of office, saying at a recent news conference that he would carry out the constitutional revision at any cost.

Japan has made dispatch of the "Self-Defense Forces" to the Middle East a fait accompli and worked hard for it.

The Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito Party respectively held security meetings and approved the maritime SDF's dispatch to the Middle East. And reportedly, the Defence Ministry will give orders to dispatch the SDF next January, if a ministerial meeting decides on it.

The Japanese Defense Minister has visited the Middle East. Abe is going to visit there in mid-January next year and Japan is going to set up a supply center for Japanese warships in Oman located in the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.

The desperate acceleration of the constitutional revision aimed at specification of the existence of SDF and hurried moves for the dispatch of SDF to the Middle East bring to light the sinister intention of the militaristic maniacs of Japan seeking to realize the wild ambition for overseas expansion after making Japan a country having the legality of going to war at any cost.

The Japanese reactionary conservative forces have always dreamed of the revival of the "Great Japanese Empire" which once bragged about its mightiness after putting the Asian continent under its control.

To this end, the reactionaries have worked hard to revive militarism and turn Japan into a military giant out of their will to avenge the defeat.

They developed SDF into full-fledged war forces equipped with modern weaponry in disregard of the "Pacifist Constitution" that bans Japan from having army and exercising the right to belligerency and the right to participate in a war.

If the constitutional revision, the last process for making a war state, is carried out, Japan will take the path of reinvasion under that legal guarantee.

Japan stretches out its tentacles toward various parts of the world under the pretext of "peace and security", "international contribution" and "war on terrorism." It is not a secret that its final goal is to realize the wild ambition for overseas invasion.

Japan once claimed that SDF dispatch to the Middle East is for "survey and research" aimed at ensuring security of the vessels related to Japan.

It hinted at the SDF's recourse to arms, saying "Japan may issue an order of maritime escort action not ruling out the use of weapons in an unforeseen situation." Abe talked rubbish that the vast sea from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean should be made a common asset of the international community. The 2020 defense expenses determined at a ministerial meeting of Japan hit an all-time high, 5. 3133 trillion yen. They are a clear proof of the wild ambition of the Japanese reactionaries for reinvasion.

Such moves of Japan oblivious of the bitter defeat in the past will only boomerang on it.

The international community will never pardon the Japanese militarists running riot to bring a terrible disaster to mankind again.

(KCNA - December 26, 2019)
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