Japan atonement is demand of international community


More data proving the involvement of the military and foreign ministry in the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army were recently revealed in Japan.

Seen in the report made by the Japanese Consulate in China, one of 23 official documents newly collected by the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan, are expressions like the "intention of the army to demand one service girl per 70 soldiers" and "special women who went south aboard military vehicles". Another report likened "service girl and special woman" to "kisaengs" and added "they were compelled to do indecent work".

Reviewing these, experts said that they could clearly understand that the military and foreign ministry had offered comfort women from the sake of the state and the facts confirm the "involvement of the military" admitted in the Kono Statement in 1993.

The heinous unethical crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists with the state backing are the truth of history which can never be deleted and buried.

To correct the wrong past and usher in a new era of reconciliation and cooperation has become a strong trend worldwide.

Shortly ago, the German chancellor visited the Nazi German-run Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland to cherish the memory of the victims and offer an apology for the war crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

She said that she felt deep shame when she thought about the barbaric crimes, adding that ignorance of the past will cause another massacre like the genocide of Jews.

She stated that to remember criminals can never be separated from the state of Germany as it is the eternal responsibility of Germans, affirming that sincere efforts will be steadily made to make an apology and reparation for the crimes.

Contrary to this, Japan is keen on sweeping under the carpet the hideous inhuman crime of killing a lot of women including 200 000 Korean women after raping and gang-raping them in an organized manner by the use of state power.

The Abe group reels off a string of rhetoric that "there is no data proving the forcible drafting of comfort women by the Imperial Japanese Army" and "it was voluntary service for money". The group even bans the description of facts related to the sexual slavery in history textbooks.

It has gone desperate to stop the erection of sexual slave's statues in various parts of the world, which bring to light the Japanese brutes' atrocious acts of reducing Korean women into sexual playthings. It also specified in its "diplomatic blue paper" that "expression of sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army should not be used as it is not true".

These two contrasting attitudes bring to light the nature and moral vulgarity of the barbaric island country which is set to repeat the crime-woven past, far from taking a proper stand to part with the wrong past and become a full-fledged member of the international community.

Repudiation and embellishment can never help change or justify the past.

However desperate Japan may go, talking about the era of "Reiwa" and "active pacifism", it only faces international censure and cold treatment and earns the ill fame as a war criminal state for its insincere approach toward the settlement of the past.

Atonement for the past is the unavoidable legal and moral obligation of Japan and strong demand of the world community and mankind.

The future of Japan is gloomy as it is still in the dock, failing to shake off the shame of a war criminal state.

(KCNA - December 14, 2019)
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