How Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural Recreation Center was built

(1) Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural Recreation Center
(Photo Credit KCNA)

The Korean Central News Agency Saturday released a report stating that the Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural Recreation Center is a proud creation of the new times, which was built by the noble love of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for the people and his energetic leadership.

Thanks to the steadfast idea of the Workers' Party of Korea of believing in the people as in Heaven and its energetic leadership, the remote mountainous area in Yangdok, which remained intact for thousands of years, has turned into a splendid hot spring cultural recreation center.

Soldiers of the People's Army and other builders worked a construction miracle by showily building a comprehensive hot spring cure center, multi-functional sports and cultural complex conducive to promoting the civilized life and health of the people in a matter of less than one year.

The modern service facilities, single- and multi-storied dwelling houses, a skiing ground, a horse-riding park, etc. perfect in terms of formative art, reciprocity, connectivity and practicality are organized nature-and environment-friendly. Therefore, the Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural Recreation Center has become the icon of the Korean-style architecture and construction to which the Juche-oriented idea of architectural beauty with the people-first principle, Korean nation-first principle as a core is thoroughly applied.

(2) Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural Recreation Center
(Photo Credit KCNA)

The report said that Kim Jong Un, with a plan to let the people fully enjoy cultural and leisure activities having hot spring bath and doing skiing and riding, devoted himself to developing the hot spring resort, scrutinizing a distribution chart of hot springs across the country.

He visited hot spring area in Yangdok County in August and October, Juche 107 (2018) and chose the area of Onjong-ri as the right and the best place for hot spring recreation. Then he unfolded a grandiose blueprint for successfully building a wonderful and comprehensive resort conducive to the promotion of the people's health and their leisure activities.

He gave instructions to push forward the resort development project at a high level to be a national example and representative of the hot spring culture of the country. He also clearly indicated correct directions and ways for completing the project in the shortest time and took measures to provide strong building forces and materials.

Thanks to the great trust in the People's Army placed by the Supreme Leader who said that the project would be hastened as planned and intended by the Party when the People's Army undertakes it, the People's Army became the main force for the project.

During his visit to the resort under construction in April, he said that the people would like it if a skiing ground was built nearby, and saw to it that all the problems in building the skiing ground were solved.

The field-guidance given by him in August, October and November brought about a gigantic creation and change, further stirring the construction site of creating a new culture for the people.

Kim Jong Un guided up to 2 000 layouts of the resort to make sure that it is built into an icon and standard of modern architecture, in which Juche character, national character and originality are in perfect harmony.

His outstanding leadership was the driving force for victory.

The report dealt with the feats of service personnel and the people of South Phyongan and Kangwon Provinces, noting that they launched the building project in Yangdok in Nov. 2018.

It also elaborated on the efforts made by the railway workers to build a railway section leading up to the resort, the fact that youth shock brigade members gave full play to their mettle and courage in the building of a new railway station and that the People's Army, ministries and national institutions upgraded local industrial establishments so as to contribute to strengthening the material and economic foundations of Yangdok County.

The report stressed that the miraculous victory that crowned this year's struggle left in history the iron truth that the people-first principle maintained by the WPK and its great idea of self-prosperity and its powerful guidance will always bring victories despite whatever severe storms and that socialist Korea will be prosperous forever as all the people staunchly advance, rallied behind the leader in single mind.

(KCNA - December 8, 2019)

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