Feats in achieving single-hearted unity

By Kim Song Nam
Rodong Sinmun

DPRK Single-hearted Unity
Chairman Kim Jong Il achieved perfectly for the first time in history the single-hearted unity of the whole society which many other politicians failed to do although they eagerly desired.

The important part of his feats in achieving the powerful single-hearted unity is that he successfully accomplished the modeling of the whole society after one ideology on the basis of the revolutionary idea of the leader.

He made a comprehensive analysis and review of the history of the previous working-class ideology spanning 100 years in his early age and formulated the immortal Juche idea founded by President Kim Il Sung as the unique guiding idea of our era. He continuously developed and enriched the Juche idea as required by the developing era and thus provided firm guarantee for its eternal vitality.

Based on this, he fully armed all the people with the Juche idea and turned the whole society into a single socio-political organism firmly united around the party and the leader, thereby providing the independent powerful motive force of the revolution in which the leader, the party and the masses become a harmonious whole.

Another important part of his exploits in achieving the powerful single-hearted unity is that he achieved the moral and faithful unity based on loving care and loyalty.

He firmly united the entire party and the whole society around the leader on the basis of not only ideology and will but also morality and faith by pursuing the noble politics of loving care for the people, the benevolent politics that embodies Kim Il Sung's idea of believing in the people as in heaven and making sincere devotion to the people.

Now the single-hearted unity of the DPRK is the revolutionary unity without slightest vacillation in any ordeals and difficulties and an ever-victorious unity being continuously strengthened from generation to generation.

(KCNA - December 16, 2019)
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