Dried flower stand arranged in Pyongyang

Dried flowers, turned out by the Dried Flower Workshop of the Pyongyang Floriculture Institute of the DPRK, are now getting popular among citizens.

A dried flower stand was arranged at the Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 recently.

In this regard, Jo Pok Sim, vice director of the Horticultural Technology Bureau, told KCNA:

As dried flowers keep their original colors and shapes, they can be used as decorations or souvenirs.

On display at the stand are dried flower products like bouquets and baskets made of rose, zinnia, barley, foxtail millet, natural grass, etc., and cactuses of rare species.

We are planning to increase the varieties of dried flowers in the future.

The dried flower-making technology received a patent in the country.

(KCNA - December 18, 2019)
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