DPRK opens technological trading website

DPRK opens technological trading service website Jagangryok
(Photo Credit Meari)

The DPRK recently opened a new website for technological trading service and started its operation.

The website "Jagangryok (self-reliance)" developed by the State Commission of Science and Technology is an e-business system whereby new technological products development units, institutions, enterprises, residents and other consumers can sell or purchase technological products and data on sci-tech achievements via the national computer network on the basis of credit transactions.

The website is operated by the Moranbong Technological Trading Company.

Branch offices for the website have been established in provinces.

Kim Hong Yong, director of the company, told KCNA:

"The number of subscribers is rapidly increasing soon after the opening of the website. The company will further perfect this e-business system and put its operation on a normal basis."

(KCNA - December 19, 2019)
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