Denuclearization is off DPRK-US negotiating table

Ambassador Kim Song
Ambassador Kim Song of the DPRK Permanent Representative to UN. (File Photo)

By DPRK Permanent Representative to UN Kim Song

On December 4, a closed consultation meeting was held at the United Nations Security Council at an urgent request of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland and Belgium, and a “Joint Statement” of six EU member states was issued, which viciously denounces the DPRK.

It is yet another serious provocation against the DPRK that some EU member states criticized again our righteous measures for strengthening the national defense capabilities.

So stupid are six EU member states and so serious is the symptom of their paranoia as to mistake for ballistic missile launch the test-fire of the super-large multiple launch rocket system which completely belongs to the exercise of our right to self-defense. All this makes us feel that they would also take it to the UNSC if we test-fire machine gun in the future.

These countries often take issue with our self-defensive measures for increasing national defense capabilities by invoking the UN “resolutions.” However, we have never ever recognized such “resolutions” aimed at obliterating our sovereignty and the right to existence.

The six EU member states are now making so much trouble as to play a role of pet for the United States. We wonder what benefit they would get in return for currying favor with the United States.

We see their move as nothing but a despicable act of intentionally flattering the United States which are bringing extreme pressure to bear upon them in respect of NATO defense budget and trade tariff.

If these countries are truly interested in resolving the issue of the Korean peninsula, they should call a spade a spade towards the United States which persistently pursue the hostile policy towards the DPRK with the aim of stifling the latter.

The alleged “sustained and substantial dialogue” claimed by the United States is merely a time-saving trick to make an expedient use of the DPRK-U.S. dialogue only for its domestic political agenda.

We do not need to have lengthy talks with the U.S. now and the denuclearization is already gone out from the negotiating table.

The six EU countries would better refrain from making impertinent interference in other’s business and stop fussing.

New York, 7 December 2019

(DPRK MFA - December 8, 2019)
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