Year of cooperation and solidarity

By Min Chol

The complicated year of 2019 is coming to a close.

This year has witnessed the strengthening of inter-governmental, regional and international collaboration and cooperation.

The DPRK approached the issues of inter-Korean relations and the relationship with the US on the principle of independence and bolstered up friendship, cooperation and solidarity with socialist countries and many other countries that are friendly to it.

The top leaders of the DPRK and China exchanged visits to strengthen the bonds of friendship and the DPRK-Russia summit meeting and talks were of great significance in cementing the bilateral strategic and traditional ties. Besides, the DPRK expanded and developed friendship and cooperation with Cuba, Vietnam and many other countries.

China improved cooperative relations with countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Early in November alone, it agreed with Namibia on promoting the development of comprehensive and strategic cooperative relations. On the other hand, it fostered cooperation and solidarity with different countries through such international organizations as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS, while resolutely reacting to the encroachment upon its sovereignty by the US.

Russia worked hard to deepen communication and practical cooperation with the DPRK, China, Belarus and other strategic states and opted to promote unity with such countries as India and Cuba and enhance regional cooperation and international collaboration.

For example, it expanded relations of economic cooperation with different countries on different occasions including the 23rd international forum held in St Petersburg. It also strived to bolster up regional and international collaboration by taking an active part in international meetings including that of the Eurasian supreme economic council, the summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Russia-Africa summit that were held in October and the meeting of the council of heads of government of Shanghai Cooperation Organization members and the BRICS summit that took place last November.

Iran made endeavours to resolve the Mideast issue, asserting that it should be settled through cooperation among regional countries.

Cuba led the efforts to ensure national and regional stability and development as it boosted strategic partnership with the DPRK, China and Russia and enhanced cooperation and solidarity with ALBA member nations.

In addition, international cooperation and solidarity have been built up through different international meetings this year, including the summit meetings of the African Union and the League of Arab States and the ministerial meetings of the Non-Aligned Movement and G77.

The international community will further cooperative efforts for the development of humankind and establishment of a new international order.

(Pyongyang Times - December 15, 2019)
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