US keeps its greedy eye on Greenland

By Om Ryong

Shortly ago, the US Department of State, in a letter submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, unveiled a plan to reestablish its consulate in Greenland belonging to Denmark in 2020.

Earlier, the US expressed its intention to purchase the island, which was rejected by Denmark in no time. Denmark reacted strongly, saying it has no idea of selling the island to the US as it is not for sale.

The letter reportedly contains such content that the consulate, as an effective theatre conducive to expanding its interests on the spot, will be helpful in defending the core rights and interests of the US in the region.

As to this, foreign media commented that the US was playing a new trick after it failed to purchase the island.

The main cause why the US State Department has a greedy eye on Greenland is that there are rich deposits of natural resources on the island and it is placed in a geopolitically and strategically important position, they asserted.

Greenland is the largest island in the world and most of it is covered with ice.

It has rich deposits of mineral resources including rare-earth elements. With the ice covering the island melting rapidly due to global warming, it is likely to extract minerals from the island though it was impossible in the past. At the same time, the opening-up value of the northern sea route across the Arctic Ocean is gradually getting clear.

It is not so far from the North Pole and is situated between Russia and the Arctic Ocean.

Pundits are of the opinion that the revelation of the US’ strong intention to seize the island shows its plan to rival with Russia, which has channelled big efforts into developing a sea route to the north in recent years while speeding up the building of military bases in the Arctic region, and that the Americans aim to hold a dominant position over Russia in the scramble for the region by keeping the island under their control.

An official in charge of diplomatic affairs of the Greenland government said that the US’ attempt to purchase the island gave warning to Denmark, adding that Denmark has set no store by the military and strategic position of the island for years.

Pundits comment that Denmark takes a moderate attitude towards the rebuilding of the US consulate, but does not tolerate the US’ greed for the eternal possession of the island.

(Pyongyang Times - November 3, 2019)
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