What is noble moral obligation of future generations?

By Yun Chol Hui
Rodong Sinmun

It is the revolutionary obligation and noble moral duty for the future generations to respect the revolutionary forerunners who fought for the future generations with all dedication.

To establish the social traits of respecting the revolutionary forerunners is an important issue directly related to the fate of the revolution, before an issue related to the etiquette and morality.

The supreme representative of the revolutionary forerunners is the leader, and the loyalty for the leader is the supreme expression of the revolutionary obligation.

It is the sacred obligation and bounden duty of the revolutionaries to uphold for all ages the leader who pioneered the path of the revolution and led it, and to faithfully carry forward the cause of the leader.

History clearly proves that the attitude toward the revolutionary forerunners who worked all their lives with loyalty for the Party and the leader, true to the revolutionary idea and exploits of the leader serves as a touchstone judging the attitude to the revolution.

To respect the revolutionary forerunners becomes a vital requirement for preserving the socialist nature and further augmenting the might of the single-minded unity.

The noble moral traits of respecting the revolutionary forerunners have been firmly carried forward and fully displayed in our society under the wise guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the supreme incarnation of the revolutionary moral obligation.

The situation today where the noble moral traits have been given a full play despite the tempests of the times and the replacements of the generations guarantees the bright future of Korean-style socialism.

(KCNA - November 23, 2019)
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