Khabarovsk immortalizes memory of Kim Jong Il

The fraternal gratitude of neighbors in the Far East overtook Khabarovsk veterans twice. For the first time, half a century after the events of the 1950s, when Soviet soldiers fought on the side of the North in the Korean War, the echoes of which are still heard by both Koreas. Kim Jong Il visited the Khabarovsk Special Veterans House on August 17, 2001 and personally thanked his comrades for their help. The second time - after 18 years, when the last participant in those battles who lived here has already died. But memory, like gratitude, knows no time.

The opening ceremony of the memorial plaque commemorating the visit of Kim Jong Il was held according to all the canons inherent in such events. It is difficult to imagine a country whose citizens have greater reverence for their statehood than North Korea. This was once again convinced by the participants and guests of the ceremony.

The head of the Khabarovsk Chancellery of the DPRK Consulate General, Kim Jae-jeong, after hearing brief congratulations from regional officials, turned out to be much more verbose and verbal, as is customary at official events among North Koreans.

- It is our great pleasure that the ceremony takes place in such a significant year, when the first historical visit of the Chairman of the DPRK Council, the top leader of the Korean people, Comrade Kim Jong-un, to the Far East of the Russian Federation and a meeting of the heads of the two states took place. The chairman of the DPRK defense committee, comrade Kim Jong Il, paid three visits to the Russian Far East at the beginning of the new century, and visited one of the veterans’ home in one of them, ”Kim Jae-jeong recalled.

When Kim Jong Il visited the house of veterans, the head of the office remembered, he shook hands with everyone and warmly talked about the long-past battles. Now, every time he sees photos of this meeting, Kim Jae-jeong again and again experiences the excitement and the same feelings as the heroes of the pictures.

This year, the North Koreans celebrate two more significant dates - the 70th anniversary of the first official visit of the then leader of the republic, Kim Il Sung, to the USSR and the conclusion of the first intergovernmental agreement on economic and cultural cooperation between our countries.

- In such a significant year, Korean-Russian relations are facing a new heyday. I believe that we should value friendly history and tradition, and in accordance with our common interests, invariably expand and expand our cooperation in politics and economics, ”Kim Jae-jeong added.

The cultural program of the event was provided by the singing inhabitants of the veteran’s house, turning the pathos of the previous ceremony into the channel of the generous generosity of the Russian soul. Which is manifested, of course, not only in the luxury of embroidered kokoshniks and folk costumes, but also in the willingness to always protect the weak, albeit at the cost of their own lives.

The vocal program was prepared from domestic works most familiar to the fraternal Asian peoples. And while on Kimyusha Kim Jae-jeong still kept the gloomy solemnity of an official, then Moscow Nights evenly actively smiled and even sang along.

To increase the degree of solemnity of the incident, the ceremony participants went to the basement of the veteran’s house, to the buffet table. And before that they examined the only photograph left from the memorable visit, hanging on the wall in the next room. There Kim Jong Il shakes hands with the grandmothers of the veteran’s house, and in the background you can see the very last participant in the Korean events of almost 70 years ago, who did not live to this day quite a bit.

Source: Новости Владивостока на VL (ru) - November 23, 2019

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