Miserable days of submission to foreign forces


A written complaint for a radical revision of the unfair "Japan-U.S. status of forces agreement" was unanimously approved at a recent Okinawa Prefectural assembly.

The agreement grants extraterritorial status to the U.S. forces in Japan, and Okinawa housing over 70 percent of the U.S. military bases in Japan has long suffered tremendous losses due to backbreaking defrayal, ceaseless crimes, various incidents and environmental destruction.

Protest resolutions and letters of complaints adopted at the prefectural assembly following the accidents caused by the U.S. forces numbered one hundred as of 2012, which vividly shows how strong the rebuff of the Japanese public is to the mean government.

The matter is the stance of the authorities persistently turning a blind eye to the public mindset.

In last February referendum over the relocation of the U.S. military base, over 70 percent voters of Okinawa prefecture expressed opposition to it, yet, the Japanese government ignored it on the pretext of "the state security".

When an investigation report went public that the European countries were applying national laws to the U.S. stationary troops to arouse the public furor, the Japanese authorities maintained that "there is no point to make comparison with those countries."

The Japanese politicians are apt to rationalize submission to the U.S. with a deceptive logic of "sacrifice of the small for the big" and they are full of ambition to become a military power and realize overseas expansion at any cost with the backing of the U.S., being indifferent to the lives, human rights and interests of the people.

The more the Japanese authorities fawn upon foreign forces, the more violent the masters' highhandedness is becoming.

A typical example is that although the Japanese defence minister on Oct. 29 personally asked the U.S. stationary troops planning a skydiving exercise in Kadena base to halt the military exercise that was in apparent breach of a Japan-U.S. agreement, the dangerous exercise was openly held.

The extensive oppression upon Japan including the U.S. pressure for increasing upkeep for its stationary troops, demand of opening a market for agricultural products, the forced sale of U.S. made arms, etc. is a treatment accorded to the faithful henchman and the war slave who has actively supported the U.S. at the sacrifice of its own people.

What is clear is that the struggle of the Japanese people for the withdrawal of submissive policy of the government will grow stronger in the future and this will prompt higher gangster-like demand of the U.S. master for maintaining its privileged status.

Till when the Japanese authorities cornered by the inside and outside must endure the disgrace and contempt.

Dark is the future of Japan, a modern-day dependent state, which has no way but to maintain its existence with sycophancy and submission.

(KCNA - November 5, 2019)
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