Japan is dangerous warmongering state


There will be no such country as Japan, which so much likes to use the word "peace" when referring to itself.

There are so many phrases it likes to talk about all the time -- "peace state", "peace constitution", "peaceful development", "proactive pacifism," etc.

But its actual behavior is contrary to those phrases.

The Japanese regime recently brought up for formal discussion the issue of dispatching an escort warship of the "Self-Defense Forces" to the Middle East. It built an ultra-modern submarine capable of conducting underwater operation longer than other subs, the biggest diesel-powered sub in the world, and put it in commission.

The Japanese authorities are insisting that the sub is for ensuring the security of its vessels and preserving peace. But as a leopard can't change its spots, Japan's abnormal behavior comes to be a denial to such insistence.

Now in Japan its past wars of aggression are openly embellished as "liberation wars" and such false notion that there will never ever be apology and reparation for them is getting stronger.

Japan instituted the "security legislation", "law on emergency", "law on special measures against terrorism," etc. They are just de facto evil war laws legally guaranteeing Japan's military operation anywhere on this planet with the right of belligerency and the right to participate in a war.

Japan is now going ahead with the final procedure of the constitutional revision to legitimize the existence of SDF.

Against this backdrop, the military principle of "exclusive defense" advocated by Japan in the post-war period has morphed into an offensive strategy and the offensive capability and operation scope of SDF have been further increased.

Some emboldened politicians of Japan are even spouting rubbish that Japan should grab others' territory through wars.

So, no country will be taken in by Japan's wordplay, no matter how desperately it may work to justify the overseas dispatch of SDF troops and arms buildup under the pretext of "protection" and "peacekeeping."

All the military moves of the archipelago nation are just aimed to turn Japan into a military giant and materialize its wild ambition for overseas expansion.

Now the Japanese reactionaries are getting crazier in their militaristic moves despite the strong concern and opposition by the international community.

Japan's moves for emerging as military giant and carrying out overseas expansion are bound to lead to invasion of Korea and other Asian countries and a war for conquering the world.

Japan is just a warmongering nation, against which the international community should keep vigilance.

Japan should not act rashly, understanding that the people, who suffered untold pain and misfortune due to the Japanese imperialists in the past, will never remain an onlooker to the militaristic moves of the island country.

(KCNA - November 20, 2019)
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