Japanese reactionaries' claim to right to collective self-defense in space


The Japanese reactionaries' ambition for military expansion has reached the extreme.

On October 16, the minister of Defence said on a public occasion that "it is possible to exercise the right to collective self-defense even in space", adding that the "Self-Defence Forces" will act within the sphere of the Constitution and one may think that there is difference between on the earth and in space but it is not just like that".

His remarks are the manifestation of Japan's black-hearted intention to escalate its moves for turning it into a military giant and overseas expansion into space under the pretext of protecting its allies, and they amount to a serious conception.

Japan abuses the "right to collective self-defense" in justifying its military advance into space. The right is nothing but the one for participating in a war of aggression and igniting a war.

The Japanese reactionaries have worked hard to amend laws in order to nullify the "Pacifist Constitution" which specifies no access to the right of belligerency, right to participate in a war and fighting capability and also used their moves as a means for concealing their revanchist ambition for reinvasion and evading criticism by the international society.

Since the end of the Second World War the island nation has rushed headlong into militarism and a military giant to avenge its defeat in the war, defying all sorts of political and legal restrictions.

As a result, the SDF that had been founded in small size turned into the world-level aggression forces with modern military hardware and the adoption and effectuation of the "security legislation" which allows the exercise of the "right to collective self-defense" made its sphere of activity drastically expand into overseas, beyond Japan.

Furthermore, Japan concluded the agreements on mutual provision of goods and manpower with the U.S., Britain, Australia and others under the pretext of exercising the "right to collective self-defense" and thus created condition favorable for participating in an overseas war and a regional war at will in contingency, far from the sphere of the "exclusive self-defense".

In case the "right to collective self-defense" is exercised even in space, the outer space will be certainly reduced into the field of a war by the militaristic reactionaries, more seriously threatening world peace and security.

The major target of Japan is none other than the regional countries just as before.

At the end of last year, Japan made public the new "defense program" and "Midterm Defense Capability Buildup Outline" meant to expand its military operational sphere into space and cyber space under the plea of China's military tendency.

The 2019 Defense White Paper released in September justified the military buildup of the SDF, describing the DPRK, China and Russia as the main threat to Japan.

All the facts prove that the Japanese reactionaries have gone to extremes in their moves to become the regional leader with the backing of their master.

Japan preoccupied with militarism is the real enemy of humanity and a dangerous enemy state which thrusts its aggressive claws into space to be used for progress and prosperity of mankind.

The international society will never pardon the criminal acts of the Japanese reactionaries making desperate efforts to inflict a serious disaster upon humanity.

(KCNA - November 4, 2019)
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