Mega-merger of conservatives is doomed to ruin


Hwang Kyo An, representative of the "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea, has recently bothered the political circles with the hyping-up of "mega-merger of conservatives".

He claims that all the liberal democratic forces should unite their strength to try the present regime's self-complacency and arrogance and he would push ahead with the political unity with all the forces against the "leftist regime."

Hwang, called a politically inexperienced person, amateur and idiot for having failed to rearrange his den, talks about "unity of all the conservative forces". This is, indeed, a tragicomedy that makes even a cat laugh.

His misbehavior is a revelation of his sinister intention to hide the plight of the LKP on the verge of ruin, divert elsewhere public criticism, expand forces at any cost and win in next year's election of "assemblymen".

Now, the LKP has been plagued with all kinds of corruption and irregularities which have been brought light one after another, factional conflicts and dogfights in quagmire.

Worse still, public opinion poll reflecting the public criticism of the LKP is throwing into uneasiness the traitor who is dreaming a dream of coming to power.

Upset by the situation Hwang Kyo An group, not content with describing human scum as "talents" and admitting them into the LKP is getting desperate with trumpeting about "mega-merger ".

The LKP of riffraffs will give off worse smell and the dogfight for power will get fiercer.

The conservative opposition parties, to say nothing of various circles of south Korea, say that "mega-merger" is a trick for glossing over an inside story of rotten LKP and prop up "crippling leadership" and merger brings about quarrels every day. Hwang group is blamed even in the LKP.

The Hwang Kyo An clan is foolish as to do all kinds of shameful things for power, drawing public derision and criticism.

The traitorous group is trying to challenge candlelight demonstrators through the merger of conservatives who were indulged in fascist dictatorial rule, anti-popular rule and corruption and irregularities. This invites surging indignation of the people of various circles.

The south Korean people will never forgive the LKP clan running amuck to revive the era of darkness.

Hwang Kyo An group's farce of "mega-merger of conservatives" is doomed to ruin.

(KCNA - November 18, 2019)
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