Cuba powers forward through challenges

By Song Jong Ho

Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez was elected president of the Republic of Cuba in the fourth special session of the Ninth National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba on October 10 in conformity with the unanimous will of the Cuban people.

It is a reflection of their firm determination to adhere to and advance socialism.

The Cuban people create a new life by their own efforts as they fight off manifold difficulties and challenges at home and abroad.

In the new school year that started last September, schools have had a larger enrolment as compared to the previous school year, with the admissions numbering over 1.7 million. And more than 160 000 teachers set to work. New schools were built in different parts of the country to increase the number of pupils. This is attributable to universal free education the Cuban government has enforced despite all manner of difficulties.

In accordance with the agreements it has concluded with different countries since the 1960s, Cuba has dispatched about 30 000 medical workers to developing countries to offer them cooperation.

Positive measures have been taken to increase agricultural and electricity production.

The country pays close attention to bolstering up relations with such socialist countries as China and Vietnam and such developing countries as Angola.

It also signed an agreement on the modernization of railway network worth US$1 billion with Russia last June and a series of issues of practical significance were discussed between the two countries during the Cuban President’s recent Russia tour.

The Cubans strive to safeguard their sovereignty and socialist system under the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba and achieve development and prosperity by themselves, and their efforts are winning positive support and sympathy of the world’s progressive peoples.

(Pyongyang Times - November 8, 2019)
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