Army-people unity is eternal core of Korean revolution

Army-people unity

By Kim Chol Ryong
Rodong Sinmun

The army-people unity is the mighty driving force of the Korean revolution which no country can achieve or imitate.

The might of the Workers' Party of Korea and the State precisely means the unity between the people and the army, and all the victories which have been gained so far in the Korean revolution were the great victories won on the strength of the army-people unity.

The fundamental way of reliably defending the revolutionary gains won at the cost of blood and of building on this land a powerful socialist country the world will envy, is to inherit the great traditions of the single-minded unity and the army-people unity.

Neither the imperialists' "horror strategy" nor their psychological warfare work on the country in which the people and revolutionary army live and work with one thought and fighting spirit.

The might of the great army-people unity and cooperation is being brought into full play and at the same time the overall strength of the country has remarkably increased and the advance of the Korean revolution is being further accelerated.

The army-people unity is the eternal core and invincible priceless sword of the Korean revolution as it was in the past.

(KCNA - November 27, 2019)
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